Holt Heath Grazing 2023

Published: 14 April 2023

Holt Heath Grazing 2023

In recent years the National Trust have grazed Holt Heath with the Kingston Lacy herd of North Devon cattle. 

In addition to the reflective collars that the cattle on the Heath have been wearing for the last few years, they will all now be wearing GPS collars to track their movements. These collars will help monitor where the cattle are both for welfare reasons and also to build up a picture of where and when they are grazing different parts of the heath. As a reminder, please ensure you close any pedestrian gates behind you when using the Heath to prevent the cattle roaming elsewhere.

The grazing allows the NT to maintain this important wildlife site which supports some of our rarest wildlife, such as the elusive Dartford Warbler, the mysterious Nightjar and the beautiful Silver Studded Blue Butterfly, as well as being a valued National Nature Reserve enjoyed by many local people.

For sick, injured or distressed cows and any other urgent matters please call: 07825 841993