holt st james church paintingThe 9 councillors for Holt take an active interest in the local community. They represent the local people and if necessary work in partnership with them and others. Elections are held every four years, next being May 2024 when the post will be for 5 years.

The administrative work of the Parish Council is carried out by the Parish Clerk, Lisa Goodwin, a part-time employee, to whom problems, concerns and suggestions may be referred.

Individual Parish Councillors are, also, always pleased to help directly if they possibly can. 

Councillors are required to record possible financial interests which they or their spouses may have in a Public Register of Disclosable Pecuniary Interests. Councillors must record such interests on a form and disclose such interests at meetings of the Council and its Committees. 

Forms are available to view at


Cllr Jonathan Cutts

Chairman, Tree Officer, Highways Working Group, Emergency Planning, Community Speedwatch, Speed Indicator Team, Holt Representative for St Margarets & Stones Almshouses

The Nutshell
Holt Lane
BH21 7DJ

07851 762522

Cllr Peter Finney

Emergency Planning, Highways Working Group, Flood Warden, Staffing Group, Speed Indicator Team, Community Speedwatch, Rights of Way Officer

Holly Tree Cottage
BH21 7AR

01202 889714

Cllr Wrettham Ladbrooke-Chartres

Staffing Group

Meadow Cottage
Holt Forest Farm
BH21 7DY

01258 841192

Cllr Geoff Pike

Highways Working Group, Community Speed Watch

Holt Lane
BH21 7DQ

01202 856145

Cllr Janet Wallace

DAPTC Representative

Thornhill Cottage
BH21 7DQ

01202 882766

Cllr Jackie Egan

Rights of Way Officer, DAPTC Representative

Woodhuish Coniferales
Higher Row
BH21 7EA

01202 842130

Cllr Sarah Weaver

Rights of Way

Victor Cottage
BH21 7DX

01258 840884

Cllr Will Chakawhata

Dorset Councillor for Stour & Allen Ward

Cllr Guy Reynolds

Vice Chairman, Flood Warden

Strawberry Cottage
Holt Road
Holt Heath
BH21 7LA

07941 069665

Cllr Geoff Chopping

Speed Indicator Team

BH21 4HD

07985 091839

Simon Hoare MP

North Dorset Constituency

Parliamentary Office
House of Commons

020 7219 5697

Vacancy to Represent Furzehill Ward

Vacancy to Represent Holt Ward

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