Community Governance Review Public Consultation

Published: 20 February 2023

Community Governance Review Public Consultation until 17th April 2023

During the initial consultation on the proposal by Vale of Allen PC to move the parish boundary at Gaunts Common, Holt Parish Council responded in December with:

Members have considered the consultation which proposes a parish council boundary change at Gaunts Common by Vale of Allen Parish Council.

Responses have been received from local residents with their views on the proposal and considered.

Members resolved unanimously to OBJECT to the proposal by Vale of Allen Parish Council.

The review’s aim is to improve community cohesion by having a whole village or rural community within one parish or if that is not possible then at least properties on opposite sides of the road in the same parish.

The boundary dividing the Gaunts Common community is not ideal as it runs along the road through the centre of the community. Holt Parish Council would like the situation to be improved but the Vale of Allen proposal to sub-divide the community north south, rather than as currently (east west) is in the opinion of the Holt Parish Council, no improvement on the current situation. It would in fact sever the long-standing relationship between Holt Parish and St James’ First School. It would also move the Holt Football club into the parish of Hinton.

Residents of Holt Parish have objected to being moved into the adjacent parish and there have also been letters of support for the idea of all of Gaunts Common becoming part of Holt parish as well as for the status quo to be retained.

Therefore, as Holt Parish Council neither wishes to accept a solution which would be against wishes of residents nor try to impose a solution against their wishes the Council OBJECTS to the Vale of Allen proposal.

Please follow this link to view the recommendation of Dorset Council to maintain the current boundary following the initial consultation: (Page 7)

This consultation will run from 20 February until 17 April should you wish to comment.