Planning Applications

Published: 04 June 2021

The Parish Council is a statutory consultee on certain types of planning applications and discuss at the regular parish council meetings. Members will take into account material planning considerations when preparing their response to a proposal. Material Planning Considerations and consider comments from members of the public.

On occasion, to meet the Dorset Council deadline it is necessary to consider an application prior to a meeting. If you would like to make comments to the Parish Council on a particular application, please contact the Clerk on 01258 840935 or by email who will be able to advise when it will be considered by members.

You can use the Dorset Council website to find out about Planning Applications and Decisions at

You cannot go further unless you accept the conditions set out on this page (by clicking lower left). If you just wish to look at the applications, without making any formal comment, you do not have to give any personal information.

If you already know an application reference number, you can enter the number to obtain details. However if you wish to know what is happening (and has happened) in Holt, just enter Holt in the address field and click search.

You will be presented with a page of recent applications, with the most recent at the top. The subsequent pages give the older applications. 

These pages give just a minimum of information, which includes:
  • The Application Number;
  • The Address;
  • The Proposal;
  • The Decision (if made) e.g. Granted, Refused, Pending, etc.;
  • The date of the Decision (if made).

By clicking “View this application”, more information is presented and the opportunity to download some or all the documents available is also presented.